Exterior | Paint It Black

The exterior of our house was painted brown and it’s not a color that we would have picked. The Hardie Siding is only a few years old and having the entire exterior re-painted would be pretty expensive so for now we’re living with the color and trying to add some of our personality and curb appeal in other ways.

To keep things consistent we decided that all of our window treatments in the front should match. Our favorite window treatments are plantation shutters and after having a set installed in our playroom/office we went ahead and ordered them for the rest of our front windows. The plantation shutters were a splurge but we think that they’re a good investment and they’ll definitely be enjoyed – we LOVE them and can’t wait to have the rest installed in a few weeks! In the meantime we’re living with paper shades and the window treatments left by the previous owners.

The wood shutters on the exterior of the house were painted white but we felt that there needed to be some contrast between the windows, the window frames and the exterior shutters. The trim of the house and our two front porches are also painted white. We love that the house has big windows and pretty porches but because everything but the siding was painted white nothing felt defined and everything was blending into each other. Choosing a color to compliment the brown siding was difficult so in the end we decided to keep things simple and go with black. We’re going to save pops of color for the front door, the landscaping and the porch decor.

The shutters were previously painted with Valspar paint (the leftover paint was in the garage) so we headed over to Lowe’s to choose a new color. We went with Valspar’s Reserve Paint + Primer with HydroChroma Technology in the color Lincoln Cottage Black/Satin Finish.

Before J started painting he power washed all of the shutters and then gave them a quick blow dry with his shop vac. Once the shutters were completely dry he was able to start painting them. We thought it would be an afternoon project but it ended up taking about two full days for J to apply 2 coats of paint to all of the shutters without my help.

Prepping and Painting Shutters

Painting the shutters started a chain reaction and we ended up pulling out some landscaping that we’ve been wanting to replace (a friend scored a bunch of blue agave) and we removed the corbels from the front porches for a cleaner look.

Here’s a peek at the difference between white and black shutters. Painting the shutters definitely gives the windows more definition and it helps the front porches stand out instead of blending in.

Painting Shutters

Next up will be the landscaping. We started scouting the neighborhood and the local nursery to get some ideas and we’re set on painting the front door a fun color. Can you guess what color I’m thinking? In a few weeks we can say goodbye to the paper shades & curtains and all of our front windows will have plantation shutters installed. Yay!

We’re hoping that as the spring turns to summer all of these changes will help improve the curb appeal of the house. I’m most excited to paint the front door and accessorize the porch. Patience is a virtue right? 

So has Spring gotten you in the mood for outdoor projects too?