Front Door | Painting a Front Door

Meet our front door:

Front Door

Even though this door is old and has a lot of wear I still think it’s really beautiful. The door is brown like our siding and I always felt sad that it didn’t stand out. We really wanted the door to be seen so we decided to give it a makeover. There’s lots of fun colors that I like for doors but we chose to go with a color that would compliment the brown siding. Instead of going with a crazy fun color (sorry lime green and canary yellow) we decided to play it safe and go with a classic red front door.

We headed over to Lowe’s and picked up Valspar’s Duramax (Exterior/Semi-Gloss) in the color Heirloom Red.

Valspar Duramax Heirloom Red

After removing the hardware from the door we were ready to prep it for paint. To prep the door, exterior frame & sidelight J lightly sanded the wood down with a medium grit sanding block. The wood was pretty weatherbeaten so it didn’t take much sanding to prep it for paint. After giving the door a good wipe down we were ready to start.

We left the door on its hinges and J painted the door from inside the house. He used a brush to cut all of the edges and a roller for the rest of the door.

Here’s the door prepped and with 1 coat of paint:

Painting Front Door

J lightly sanded between the first two coats of paint before applying the third and final coat. Once the paint dried he was able to install the new door hardware that we ordered from

The following day J headed outside to prime the door frame and sidelight before painting. He used Kilz Premium No Voc Primer.

Front Door Primer

The next day J finished up the project with 2 coats of white exterior paint. He used the exterior paint that was left by the previous owners.

Before & After:

Red Front Door Before and After

I’m SO glad we painted the door. Now the entry to our home looks cheerful and bright. Isn’t it much more welcoming with some color?

We still have some landscaping to do in the front as well as new lighting and front porch decor. I really want our home to feel welcoming from the curb and little by little I think we’ll get there. Adding some flowers and a place to sit are at the top of my list. What have you done to make your home feel more welcoming?

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